MythTV Freeview Icons


For MythTV, the freeview icons are now automatically downloaded either by the EIT or mythfilldatabase. It is no longer necessary to download them from this page! I've left them here incase anybody wants them :-)

The full set of icons which Myth uses can be found at:


Here are some icons which can be used for MythTV or similar applications. They're based on the icons avilable from Charles Brej's website, but I've updated the majority of them to keep them contemporary.

The icons are in PNG format and are as large as I can make them. This is so that no quality is lost. MythTV seems to resize them pretty well and without any noticeable delay. However, I've be interested in knowing the optimal size for a MythTV icon if anybody can tell me.

None of the icons use transparency. I tried this, but while it looks nice when overleyed over live TV, it's a mess on the schedules screen as you can see the fallback channel name under each icon.


Here's an archive of the complete set of icons:

Freeview TV Icons

Radio Icons

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